Spring Energized PTFE-Seals

Sterilisable Seals and Integral Piston Seals

Especially for filling machines and aseptic applications

Universal chemical-resistant and elastic PTFE-seals for especially aggressive media, also suited for sterilisable and FDA-approved sealing elements for food and pharmaceutical drugs.

The material characteristics of high grade fluorsynthetic materials, such as PTFE, PFA, PCTFE, etc. and acid-resistant spring steel are combined in these spring-elastic sealing elements in an ideal manner.
The spring made of corrosion-resistant steel (e.g. 1.4568 Hastelloy C, etc.) embedded high and durable alsticity, sets off cold flow and wear of the sealing lip and effects defined low sealing forces.
Depending on material selection these sealing elements are universally chemical-resistant. These sealing elements were developed, above all, for sealing of especially aggresive media and the sterilisable seals for foodstuff and pharmaceutical drugs filling systems.


The advantages of GFD-seals:

  • Universal chemical-resistant
  • Durable elasticity because of an integrated stainless steel spring
  • Sterilisable for foodstuff or pharmaceutical applications
  • Capsulated or totally sealed stainless steel spring
  • Highest wear resistance and lowest friction forces
  • Suitable for high and low temperatures (-100°C bis +310°C)
  • Seals or integral piston seals with durable elastic seal lips
  • Made of FDA (BGA/USDA) approved materials (PTFE or UHMW-PE) or made of especially wear-resistant PTFE-Compounds

The shown designs and types are only examples for the variety of possibilities, which can be realised with this variable modular system.
Send us your drawing/sketch, installation conditions and dimensions (groove dimensions, cylinder-diameter, rod-diameter, etc.), materials and hardness of the mating surfaces as well as the needed quantities.
We will submit an assembly proposal and an offer.


Series 700
Available in PTFE or also FDA approved UHMW-ployethylene. Type 400 is characterized by its easy installation and extremely high wear resistance.
Series 400
Series 704
This type is based on the series 700. The spring cavity is filled with FDA approved silicone. This prevents the product from settling in the groove or bacteria from entering the spring clearances.
Series 4FM
Series RS
In this unique design the inseted stainless steel spring is totally protected by the PTFE-coating on the media side. Applications with high temperatures, defined friction forces and very elastic behaviour are characteristics for this sealing element. Even extra-pure media can be conveyed or sealed off with this seal, where the medium may not get into contact with the metal. This type is FDA approved and admitted for food and pharmaceutical drugs.
Series RS
Series JS
The series JS is a variant of the RS type, but with a machined synthetic material jacket. Available in all sizes without additional costs. Mostly for small quantities. The jacket is available in PTFE or also in FDA approved UHMW-polyethylene.
Series JS
with a totally capsulated stainless steel spring
with a one-sided flexible membran to separate and handling aggresive fluids. A complete element for small metering pumps and valves.


A clean and economical solution for your sealing problem

The GFD - metering piston with a completely smooth surface, elastic seal lips, sterilisable, as a single one-piece element for metering, sealing and displacing, with an integrated bearing, maufactured of FDA approved polymer materials, provide your technical advance.
The smooth non-split surface and the elastic seal edges/scraper lips on the front and on the back of the piston prevent the products from settling in. PTFE materials with lowest friction coefficient and FDA-admission as well as especially wear-resistant compounds of physiological undaubtful admixtures provide a reliable tightness and a high wear life.

Assembled on the piston bar with a central thread or a flange plate. Assembled with a screw cap or use a flange with several bore holes.


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