Spring Energized PTFE-Seals

Information for Installation

The installation in split grooves is the easiest way. Seals can usually be installed in partially closed grooves (with retainer) without any problems. Depending on diameters and cross sections, the type 103 seals can be installed in closed (nonsplit design) grooves. In such cases, we recommend contacting our Technical Service.

We will help you to work out the best solution for your assembly problem.

The mating surfaces should be smooth, free of burrs and sharp edges. Lead-in chamfers should be available for shafts and cylinders. When assembling over grooves and threads, a sleeve should be used to protect the seal. Light oiling or greasing makes the assembly easier.

All recommendations and data provided in this catalogue are based on the experience gained over decades of using such seals.
Unknown factors and special conditions may restrict the generally valid promises.
We are not able to guarantee every individual application.
We suggest tests with samples.
Our application engineers are always at your disposal for design and consultation.
Don`t hesitate to use our experience.

Please call or write to us.

For additional questions, please contact our Technical Service

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