Spring Energized PTFE-Seals

General Information

The GFD spring energized PTFE seal is the newest generation of spring actuated Teflon seals. These seals consist of a special precision jacket/lip made of Teflon (or other high performance polymers) and a corrosion resistant stainless steel spring.

In this combination, the spring is forcing the seal lips against the gland and the rod walls. The pressure assists the spring force.

The spring compensates the lip wear, hardware tolerances, eccentricities and provides permanent resilience to the seal lips. The GFD design with sealing lip and spring arrangement guarantees more leakage protection than conventional lip seals.

More than 50 different PTFE compounds (and other high performance polymers) are available or can be composed for jacket fabrication within a very short time.

The standard designs cover radial and axial seals for dynamic as well as static applications.

In addition to standard designs, we are also able to produce designs made to specification for special applications (silicone filled, sanitary seals, ultra low friction seals, etc.).

A wide variety of materials, dimensions, and designs provide the opportunity to solve difficult sealing problems.


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